FREE TEA TUESDAY (not the kind you drink)

HTGSupply Free Tea Tuesday BrewerBring in a gallon jug or buy one from us and we will fill it with our magical STUMP-TEA, right out of our state of the art tea brewer, for FREE!

HTGSupply in Melbourne Florida Continue reading

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FLORIDA is Growing with HEAVY 16 Nutrients and HTG Supply!

Heavy 16 NutrientsHTGSupply is proud to be the largest supplier of Heavy 16 Nutrients in all of Florida.  HTG Supply Florida has added the HEAVY 16 line in our Melbourne, FL hydroponic store to our already huge selection of gardening nutrients and fertilizers.  The sales have just been incredible, and we have to reorder nearly every week just to keep up with the huge demand.  Our customers tell us that the results they get are outstanding.  There are many comments we get, firstly everybody likes the simple nature of the Heavy 16 product line, while others want you to use twelve different bottles of product, Heavy 16 fertilizer keeps it simple.  Secondly, RESULTS !  Customer report top grade results from the product, better yields and better quality plants. Just like the reports from our other HTGSupply locations, Heavy 16 plant nutrients has become the Continue reading

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Beat the summer heat with LED lighting

7-Band 864w LED Grow LightEveryone knows that a proper environment helps ensure properly growing plants. Lighting, temperature, humidity, nutrients and water all play vital roles in a plants development. But one of the most difficult conditions to control is heat. Especially living in Florida, it can be a daily battle with temperatures at times. Heat in any garden can create many problems including, faster drying rates of the growing medium, stress on the plants, also pests and diseases. Luckily HTG Supply strives to bring you the best products for your garden and solutions to any problems you may have, and to beat the heat we suggest using LED grow lights!

Light-emitting diode grow light fixtures are the cool way to light up your growing area. Continue reading

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Cuckoo for Coco

As coco continues to become more and more popular as a growing medium we receive more and more inquiries every day about it, so we decided to provide a little information to shed some light on this awesome medium.

Coconut coir is manufactured from the brown husk that surrounds the coconut shell. Coco resembles a high grade soil, and comes in ready to use bags and very commonly as compressed bricks that expand when water is added.

Coco coir was first used as a growing media in ancient China and India. Western civilization has used the fiber from the shell of the coconut for making mats, brooms, and twine for years. But the pulp resembling peat moss Continue reading

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New HTGSupply Florida Blog

Welcome to the new blog for High Tech Garden Supply – Florida. Check back here to keep up to date with all the happenings at the store. From time to time we will announce events, special offers, new products, and information on various issues that are important to customers of this store.

If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment or email us at

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